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Gram scale 2 574x499

Digital Weighing Scale

A compact scale perfect for quickly and accurately weighing nutrients to ensure proper dosing.

Hydroponic Dill

Grown year round in our vertical farm in South East Calgary, this productive, slow-bolting dill with full, densely packed leaves.

Water meter dimensions 496x499

pH and EC Meter for Hydroponics

Monitor the conductivity, pH, and temperature of your hydroponic nutrient solutions

Eve Home Garden

Eve Indoor Vertical Garden

Combining modern furniture design with plant science, The Eve home garden is easy to use and ideal for growing a wide variety of herbs and leafy greens.

Greek Oregano

Hydroponic Greek Oregano Starter Plants

Save up to 8 weeks of growing time with our Hydroponic Greek Oregano Starter Plants.

Harvest 360 indoor farm kit

360 Plant Indoor Garden

This 360-plant indoor garden kit includes everything you need to start growing your own food all year round.

Harvest wall 574x499

Harvest Today Indoor Wall Garden

This modular, easy to maintain design is ideal enabling communities of all sizes to access fresh, locally grown food all year round.

72 plant port- Indoor Garden Kit

72 Plant Port- Indoor Garden Kit

This 72 plant port- indoor garden kit includes everything you need to start growing your own food all year round.

Hydrolid w. bucket plant 488x499


The Hydrobucket provides growers with a dependable, easy to maintain solutions to get the most out of Deep Water Culture gardens.

Hydroponic Gardening Bin

Hydroponic Gardening Bin

A hydroponic gardening bin is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get started with hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic Growing Plugs

Hydroponic Growing Plugs

Clean, soilless hydroponic growing media for growing from seed to full-size plants.

Lettuce growing in hydroponic mason jar

Hydroponic Mason Jar

This kit comes with everything you need to grow fresh veggies at home year-round.  Makes a great gift for any gardener too!

Automated Hydroponic Nutrient System

Hydroponic Nutrient Dosing System

Welcome to our premium collection of Nutrient Delivery Systems designed to improve your indoor farming experience.

Italian parsley 474x499

Italian Parsley Starter Plants

Giant of Italy is the perfect culinary variety of parsley.  With large, dark greens leaves packed full of flavour these herbs are a must have for fresh food enthusiasts.

Just Vertical Seed Pod Kits

Choose from six different seed pod kits tailored to give you a range of flavors from your favorite herbs and leafy greens.

LED Light Grow Cart

LED Grow Light Cart

Our easy to use LED Grow Light Cart is designed to simplify the indoor gardening experience, allowing you to cultivate an abundance of nutritious plants.