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We’re a passionate and innovative team dedicated to creating a sustainable and secure food future for generations to come. As a team, we firmly believe that indoor farming holds immense potential to overcome the challenges faced by traditional agriculture. We saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way we grow food by harnessing the power of controlled environments, advanced technologies, and sustainable practices.

NuLeaf’s team is a dynamic and diverse group of individuals who have come together from various industries and fields of expertise to build the company from the ground up. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, ranging from agriculture to technology, engineering, and business development. The collective knowledge of our team allows us to approach indoor farming with a multidisciplinary perspective, fostering innovation and creativity in every aspect of our work.

Ryan wright 768x663

Director and President

Ryan Wright

Ryan began his career in 2000 and possesses extensive experience in engineering, construction, commissioning, project management, and product development/certification of industrial power and control equipment. He has an in-depth knowledge of B2B sales, product distribution, and contract negotiations. Prior to NuLeaf, he worked in sales management for a national distributor, engineering firms, and manufacturers.

As President and CEO of NuLeaf Farms, Ryan is focused on creating partnerships with customers and community stakeholders.  Understanding their needs and developing new innovative solutions to advance the indoor farming industry

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Director and Vice President of Operations

Paul Wright

Since 2002, Paul has developed an in-depth working knowledge of industrial mechanical systems. He has managed floor operations and overseen quality control programs for various applications in the transportation, forestry, and agricultural industries. He also has over 10 years of experience in hydroponic farming.

Paul’s speciality at NuLeaf is overseeing the operations of both our farming operations as well as our fabrication services.

A keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge building and operating dozens of types of hydroponics systems, Paul plays a key role in ensuring every project we deliver is a success.

Dan clayholt 768x663

Director and Vice President of Engineering

Dan Clayholt, P.Eng.

Dan has been involved in many technical fields since completing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2005. But his work focus has always been on programming and software development, automation, system integration, and design. He has worked as the lead engineer on a variety of projects and applications in the oil and gas and manufacturing sectors. Dan also has extensive farming and agricultural experience. He grew up on a conventional farm in which he continues to be involved today.

At NuLeaf, Dan oversees the company’s engineering and product development.   With his years of expertise Dan is focused on creating new solutions to grow more food using less resources in an ever expanding range of applications.

Leora cohen 768x663

Chief Plant Scientist

Leora Cohen

Leora Cohen is a highly accomplished plant scientist with a strong background in indoor cultivation and aquaponics. Holding degrees in Plant Science from both the University of Calgary and Olds College, Leora has a solid educational foundation to complement her practical expertise.

Currently serving as the Chief Plant Scientist at NuLeaf Farms, Leora is responsible for overseeing all aspects of crop development, cultivation practices, and growing operations. With her extensive experience in growing leafy greens indoors using aquaponics, Leora brings a unique perspective to the field of sustainable agriculture.

Leora’s passion for all things plants and her in-depth knowledge of various indoor growing systems and techniques have been instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency at NuLeaf Farms. Pushing the boundaries of indoor agriculture, employing cutting-edge technologies, and implementing sustainable practices, Leora’s dedication to advancing the field and commitment to cultivating healthy, nutritious food makes her a respected figure within the industry.

Carlos santos 768x663

Vice President- Business Development

Carlos Santos

Carlos has over 25 years of experience in various industries, including energy and utilities, retail, and logistics. He started his career in the late 90s with an 8-year stay in Asia, helping start-up and mid-size companies grow internationally.

Since coming to Calgary, Carlos has been working mainly in business development with technology solutions, including engineering, automation, data and analytics, and software applications.

Carlos has a successful history of leading teams, developing new markets, and working with customers to meet business objectives, and is especially interested in innovation as a core organizational competency.

Since joining NuLeaf as our vice-president of Sustainability and Community Development, Carlos is engaged with our corporate sponsors and key stakeholders in community impact projects such as Food Banks and other non-profit organizations. Seeking out organizations who help people in need with high-quality, low-cost food solutions.


Jonathan Tulloch

Rural & Remote Communities

Jon Tulloch is a season professional dedicated to supporting rural and remote communities across Northern Ontario in accessing affordable energy, housing, and food. As the Head of Rural & Remote Communities at NuLeaf, Jon’s primary focus is to ensure access to sustainable food security for every individual in Northern Canada.

Operating out of the Sudbury, Ontario area, Jon collaborates closely with government entities, non-profit organizations, and corporate partners to develop and implement comprehensive strategies that address food security in the North. By leveraging his extensive network and expertise, Jon works tirelessly to create sustainable solutions that enhance food accessibility and security.

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