Hydroponic Workshops For Any Grower

Interested in growing your own food at home or as a business but unsure of what’s all involved?  Join us as we host a series of hydroponic related workshops at our indoor farm every Saturday.  Select from a range of courses, from learning the basic of how hydroponic growing works to more advanced topics such as identifying and treating various pest or disease issues, propagating plants to various tips and trick to get better tastes and higher yields! 

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What To Expect When Visiting Our Indoor Farm

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Our training workshops are held at our indoor farm.  Along with various products and equipment for sale to the public, we have areas of the facility that are dedicated to plant production for our business customers.  As a result, we ask that anyone visiting the facility adhere to the following rules. 

Please check in and sign our visitor log

No food, drinks or pets 

Check with you NuLeaf representative prior to taking photos

Please do not bring plants, pots or seeds inside the building without prior consent

Be ready to talk about food, innovation, and sustainability 

Hydroponic Workshops- Instructors

In the world of hydroponics and indoor farming technology is evolving rapidly. Unlocking new techniques and crops suitable for growing in these high density environments.  The team at NuLeaf is forever testing and proving new equipment and cultivation strategies to help other growers be successful in any project.

Our friendly team of hydroponic workshop instructors are well versed in many of the new methods and equipment used in hydroponic farming. Our staff are ready to answer any of your questions and to discuss new methods to help you get the most out of every grow. 

Keep an eye out workshops where we invite an industry leader into the farm to lead various workshops tailored their specific area of expertise.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book A Private Workshop?

Simply email us at and let us know this size of your group and if there is a specific area of interest your group is interested in. 

What time can private classes be held?

With enough notice, we can arrange for workshops during regulars working hours as well as evenings and Saturday afternoons.

When can I book a private workshop?

We arrange our private dates around our public workshop schedule and instructor availability, so it’s best to allow 3-4 weeks notice 

What size of group can you accommodate?

With a minimum of 6 and up to 12 people, we’re happy to host your event.
PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 6 people must be met.

Corporate Team Building Events

Looking to book a unique corporate team-building event or private party? Email us for a current list of private workshop options and we can assist in booking your class!


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