Community Development Projects

NuLeaf is dedicated to community development projects that generate positive and lasting impacts, benefiting various aspects of society, including non-profit organizations. Through initiatives like establishing indoor farms, educational workshops, and outreach programs, NuLeaf empowers individuals and fosters self-sufficiency. These projects offer several advantages for non-profits, including a reliable source of funding and a means to attract volunteers who align with the organization’s mission.

Moreover, by producing food locally, NuLeaf helps lower food costs for non-profits, reduces waste, and ensures consistent production year-round. The indoor farming approach also increases nutritional density, providing healthier options to the community. Through close collaboration with local stakeholders, community organizations, and volunteers, NuLeaf ensures tangible outcomes and transparently shares the progress and impact of their initiatives, strengthening the bond between non-profits and the communities they serve.

How does it work?

Active projects:

Rock Soup Greenhouse

The Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food Bank

  • Location: Wetaskiwin, Alberta
  • People Served: 12,000 /month
  • Project Type: Greenhouse Upgrade
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Food box donation

Pilot Farm Food Bank

  • Location: Sudbury, Ontario
  • People Served: 1440/month
  • Project Type: School Retrofit
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Red Deer Dream Centre

Red Deer Dream Centre

  • Location: Red Deer, Alberta
  • People Served: 720/week
  • Project Type: Indoor Harvest Wall
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