Red Deer, Alberta
Indoor Harvest Wall

Nourishing & Empowering Red Deer’s Community With Sustainable Food Production

Red Deer Dream Centre was established in 2018 and was officially recognized as a charity in 2020. The centre offers live-in options with little to no cost, focusing on an abstinence-based approach to healing through relationships and service assignments. With a capacity of 40 beds, the center caters to individuals with disabilities and neurodivergent conditions. They provide transitional housing and ongoing support services for those who have completed the in-house program.

Supporting the Red Deer Dream Centre’s efforts to aid individuals grappling with mental health challenges and addictions is a valuable investment in our community. The Center’s ultimate objective is to help clients discover assistance, hope, and healing while fostering meaningful reconnections with their families. By doing so, they empower these individuals to lead productive, purposeful lives and become contributing members of society.

Grow wall with fresh green and purple basil

The Vision

In partnership with our sponsors, the project aims to create a high-efficiency harvest wall that offers a year-round solution, mitigating crop risks and providing nutrient-rich, high-quality food consistently. The project includes 1080 plant slots, a nursery/seedling system, training, installation and commissioning, ongoing support, and discounted consumables.

Old grain elevator on the prairies

Immediate Impact

This project yields an impressive 270 plants per week, resulting in substantial cost savings of $700 per week. Beyond financial benefits, the environmental impact includes conserving an impressive 78,750 litres of water, preserving 12,960 square feet of precious farmland, eliminating 12,000 food miles, and preventing a staggering 4,725 tons of food waste.

Family smiling with local produce

Long-Term Sustainability

A harvest wall not only reduces overall food costs, freeing up resources for other essential services but also fosters community engagement by involving members in food-growing activities, providing a sense of connection and purpose. Moreover, members acquire valuable transferable skills that can support their post-treatment work pursuits, an impact that extends beyond the RDDC.

Project Scope & Impact – Phase 1 of 3

We invite you to join us in this noble cause by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign. Your generous donation, no matter the size, will directly translate into increased access to nutritious food for individuals and families in need. Just imagine the profound impact your contribution will have on the lives of those who struggle to make ends meet.


Cost Plant Ports Market Value Operating Costs Savings
$50,000 2880 $104,000 $24,920 $70,000/year

Annual Environmental Savings

Water (L) Farm Land (Sq. Ft.) Transportation (Km) Food Waste Reduction (Lbs)
78,750 12,960 19,300 9,450,000

Join us in transforming the lives of thousands in Red Deer.

By investing in this project, you become a catalyst for change, an advocate for resilience, and a champion of community well-being. Together, we can sow the seeds of a healthier and more sustainable future

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