Indoor Farming Excellence

Showcasing The Best In Hydroponic Farming

Welcome to our state-of-the-art indoor farming centre, located within an industrial park in South East Calgary. What was once a 10,000-square-foot warehouse has been transformed into a hub of indoor farming excellence. At our facility, we are dedicated to operating and developing innovative indoor farm solutions, enabling our customers to succeed while minimizing risks associated with their investments.

Within our cutting-edge indoor farm, designed and constructed by the NuLeaf team, we harness the power of hydroponics to cultivate a diverse range of produce and herbs. Our focus lies not only on their flavours and fragrances but also on their potential use in natural health products. Through pioneering techniques and advanced technologies, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of hydroponic farming, ensuring sustainable and secure supply chains.

In addition to providing education and products, we operate several business models tailored to our customers’ needs. Whether it’s wholesale, retail, potted plants, extracts, or nutraceutical applications, we collaborate closely with our customers. By using our operational know-how to develop standardized operating procedures (SOPs) specific to each project, we ensure every project is a success.

Expertise & Education

Sharing Our Knowledge to Unlock the Potential of Indoor Farming

Our farm not only excels as a centre of indoor farming excellence but also serves as an invaluable educational resource. Through our engaging workshops, we proudly showcase a wide spectrum of hydroponics principles, ranging from the fundamental basics to the cutting-edge technologies that drive the industry today.

If you’re interested in learning more about hydroponics, discovering ways to improve your diet with nutritious food, or seeking methods to reduce your grocery expenses, we invite you to explore the wealth of knowledge available at our farm. By attending our workshops or reaching out to us, you can arrange a visit and witness firsthand the wonders of sustainable agriculture in action.

Commercial Indoor farm and control systems

Combining plant science with technology to grow the highest quality plants

It all starts in a warehouse in Southeast Calgary, where the convergence of plant science and automation creates an extraordinary environment for cultivating vibrant and healthy plants. By leveraging the latest advancements in technology, we have transformed the methods of plant growth, significantly reducing the need for conventional natural resources. Our innovative approach guarantees that each plant we cultivate embodies the advantages of ideal nutrition, all the while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Plant Science Innovation


We only use the highest quality, organic, non-GMO seeds when selecting what we grow inside our farm. A continuous stream of information from our farm allows us to see everything the plant has been exposed to up to the point where it leaves our farm.

Hydroponic Growing Automation


Our automated indoor farm platform creates the perfect growing environment to get the most flavours and aromas from our herbs – free of chemicals, allergens, pests and diseases. Every day is a perfect summer day for our herbs.

Hydroponic Plant


Precise control of our environment and nutrients lets us grow more with fewer resources. By providing our plants with the environment and nutrients they want when they want them, our herbs grow 3-5 times faster than other farms.

Hydroponic farming harvesting


For maximum freshness and shelf life, we harvest our herbs on the same day we ship them to our customers or just before we extract oils from our plants. Each sprig is inspected and hand-cut by our team to ensure we are growing and selling only the highest quality herbs.

NuLeaf office

Visit our Farm

See for yourself the incredible world of hydroponics

Whether you’re a passionate home gardener or a business owner seeking innovative solutions, we invite you to visit our facility to expand your knowledge and explore the possibilities of indoor farming. During your visit, our expert team will guide you through the intricacies of indoor farming, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and techniques used to cultivate flourishing plants year-round.

To help you on your hydroponics journey, we offer workshops where you can gain in-depth knowledge of sustainable indoor farming practices and how to ensure success growing your own food at home, business, or community. Take a look at where it starts from seed to harvest, all within our 10,000-square-foot facility.

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