Ensuring Success

Providing the maintenance and support you need to maintain your indoor farm.

Maintaining a controlled environment is essential for crop growth, health, and productivity. With our comprehensive service and maintenance solutions, we provide indoor farming operations with the necessary support to achieve and maintain peak performance. Our team of experienced professionals is at the forefront of the indoor farming industry. We have a deep understanding of the intricate workings of indoor farming systems, from the latest advancements in lighting technology to sophisticated irrigation and nutrient delivery systems.

Calgary & Area Technicians

Weekly or monthly farm technicians to visit your farm

Running an indoor farm requires consistent care and attention to ensure optimal operation and productivity. To support your farming endeavours, we offer a service to have a dedicated farm technician to visit your facility weekly or monthly. Our highly trained technicians specialize in restocking harvested plants, cleaning and maintaining hardware, replacing consumables, and more to ensure the proper operation of your indoor farming systems.

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