Hydroponic Gardening Bin


A hydroponic gardening bin is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get started with hydroponic gardening.  Simply fill the bin with water, add nutrients, place your plants in the provided net cups, then sit back and watch your garden grow!  The included water level gauge will let you know when more water and nutrients are required (usually only once every 2-4 weeks).

Why Use A Hydroponic Gardening Bin?

Hydroponic gardening bin ensures your plants have all the nutrients and water they need when they need it, resulting in faster plant growth and delicious produce!  It is also better for the environment, using 90+% less water than conventional gardening practices and drastically reducing or even eliminating the need for pesticides.  In just 5 weeks after planting, lettuce will be ready for harvest and tomatoes can start to flower!  When growing indoors, you also don’t need to worry about frost, hail, or other damaging elements, and can enjoy a perpetual growing season 365 days a year!

Bins are made of food grade plastic and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor hydroponic gardening.

Great Way To Save Money & Eat Better

Save Money On Your Grocery Bill- Depending you your lighting system, a typical head of lettuce costs about $1.00 to $1.50 to grow!

Quick Growth-  From seedling to finished head of lettuce in 30 days

Easy to Use- No prior growing experience needed 

Very Little Maintenance- Once your bin is set up, sit back and watch it grow until your produce needs harvesting 

Better Food- Fresh and pesticide free 

Day 1
Day 14

Which Bin Is Right For You?

38 Liter Hydroponic Bin

Perfect size for growing lettuces, leafy greens and herbs.  The height of this bin makes it ideal for placing on shelfing with grow lighting above, leaving lots of room for plants to grow.

38 Litre Home Garden Bin

38 Liter Bin Includes:
– 1 x 38 liter bin with 8 growing sites
– 1 x water level gauge
– 8 x 2 inch net cups
– 8 x 2 inch neoprene net cup inserts (cloning collars)
– 1 x instruction guide

72 Liter Hydroponic Bin

These larger bins are ideal for growing larger or more water intensive crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. LED grow lighting typically suspended from above

72 Liter Hydroponic Bin

72 Liter Bin Includes:
– 1 x 72 liter bin with 6 growing sites 
– 1 x water level gauge
– 6 x 3 inch net cups
– 6 x 3 inch neoprene net cup inserts (cloning collars)
– 1 x instruction guide

The Produce Payback Promise

38 Liter Grow Bin


250g of coco coir growing media

150g of Masterblend 3 part lettuce formula nutrients

20 flexiplug seed pods

20 romaine lettuce seeds

72 Liter Grow Bin


100g of coco coir growing media

150g of Masterblend 3 part Tomato formula nutrients

12 flexiplug seed pods

12 dwarf tomato seeds

Setting Up Your Hydroponic Grow Bin

Unpack Your Grow Bin
Inside the grow bin you will find all the materials you need!
Get Your Seedlings Ready
Gather your seedlings, net pots, collars and coco coir grow media
Pack Your Net Pot
Start by filling your net pot with coco coir. Be sure to leave a hole in the center of the pot to place your seedling deep in the media
Put Collar Around Plant
Using the neoprene cloning collars, carefully fit the collar around the base of the plant.
Plant your Seedling
With your net pot packed with grow media and cloning collar around your plant, carefully press your seedling into your put so that the cloning collar is even with the net pot.
Prepare Your Nutrients
Mix up your batch of nutrients and fill your growing bin. Be sure to fill your bucket with enough solution so that the bottom of your net pots are submerged in your nutrient solution.
Start Growing!!
With the lid to your grow bin in place, simply place your net pot in a hole, turn on your lighting, and watch your crops grow.

What Else Might You Need For A Successful Grow?

– Hydroponic nutrients (we recommend Masterblend Lettuce Formula for leafy greens and Masterblend Tomato Formula for anything that flowers and fruits)
– Growing medium (we recommend a mix of Coco Coir and our Perlite/Vermiculite mix                                                             – Grow light if growing indoors (we recommend full spectrum horticulture LED grow lights)

Start Growing Today:

Don’t want to wait for your seeds to take root?  Be sure to check out our range of live hydroponic starter plugs growing year-round inside our vertical farm.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions66 × 50 × 36 cm

38 Litre, 72 Litre


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