The Eve


Created and manufactured by Just Vertical, a Canadian company sharing the same goals as NuLeaf in making sustainably grown food accessible to everyone, the Eve is an all-in-one indoor hydroponic garden that combines healthy food with modern furniture design.   Ideal for growing dozens of varieties of herbs and leafy greens, the Eve is a perfect solution for people looking to grow a year-round supply of pesticide-free food from the comforts of their home.

  • Plant Capacity: 12 Plants
  • Water Requirements: Add water and nutrients every 2 weeks
  • Electrical Requirements: Standard 120 Volt 3 prong electrical outlet
  • Power Consumption: 50 Watts/hour (with lights turned on)
  • Cost In Electricity: Under $3.00/month
  • Power Cable Length: 4′ (1.22m)
  • Type of Lights: Full-spectrum white LED grow lights
  • Material: Solid wood frame, chrome legs, plastic liner
  • Crop Type:  Herbs and small leafy greens


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Get farm-fresh tasting food from your own home! This modern, low-maintenance hydroponic garden is designed to fit any lifestyle. Arriving at your door step pre-assembled, the EVE comes with everything you need to be a successful gardener.  The EVE kit includes seeds, starter plugs, LED grow lights, water reservoir, nutrients and even a nursery to get your plants started. 

Everything You Need To Grow An Indoor Garden At Home


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