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Nursery Racks

Seedling & Microgreen Racks

Whether you’re a beginner or a commercial farmer, we have the perfect system to help you grow healthy and vibrant plants effortlessly.¬† Check out our line of Seedling & Microgreen Racks.

Seedling tray

Seedling Tray

Use with grow plugs to raise  up to 100 plants in a single 10 X 20 tray


SunBlaster LED Grow Lights

Sunblaster LED grow lights are designed to maximize the longevity and performance of your lighting solution.


SunBlaster Mini-Greenhouse

The SunBlaster mini-greenhouse is great for plant propagation, starting flower or vegetable seedlings and growing fresh herbs right in your kitchen.


Sweet Basil

Locally grown year-round inside our vertical farm. This glossy, deep green leaves with the authentic Genoese taste and aroma are 3″ long beautifully cupped.


Thai Basil

Save over 7 weeks of growing time from waiting for your seeds to mature with NuLeaf’s Thai basil starter plants.



Pesticide free and sustainably grown inside our vertical farm, summer Thyme is spicier and bolder tasting than the common German Winter variety.

Indoor Farm

Turnkey Indoor Farm Packages

Step into a world where farming knows no limits, and fresh, nutritious produce is just a step away.


Vertical Farms & Living Walls

These turnkey indoor farms are easy to install and operate, making them an ideal solution for companies looking to repurpose commercial real-estate into year-round sources of food and local jobs.