Nursery Racks

Seedling & Microgreen Growing Racks

  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Choose between hydroponic or soil based design
  • Comes with LED Lighting, flood basins, grow trays in either 2-shelf or 4-shelf configurations
  • Raise up to 1600 plants per rack
  • Simple cleaning
  • Energy efficient design
  • Control System Optional
  • Made in Calgary
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Two Types of Seedling & Nursery Racks

At Nuleaf we offer a range of reliable and easy to use seedling & microgreen racks for all your growing needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a commercial farmer, we have the perfect system to help you grow healthy and vibrant plants effortlessly. Our two product solutions include a hydroponic rack system and a soil-based system, both designed to maximize growth and yield.

The Sunblaster 6400K 50 watt LED grow lights are included in both systems, as they provide the optimal light spectrum for plant growth. These lights are energy-efficient, ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of light without consuming excessive power.

Whether you choose the hydroponic or soil-based system, you can trust in the reliability and ease of use of our products. Our rack systems are built to last and designed with your success in mind. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your gardening journey or a seasoned farmer in need of a robust setup, our systems will meet your needs.

Invest in our seedling and microgreen racking solutions today and experience the joy of growing your own healthy and delicious plants. Start your own mini farm or expand your commercial operation with confidence. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and excellent customer service. Order your seedling and microgreen rack system now and unlock the potential of your garden!

Hydroponic System

Our hydroponic rack system is a complete and efficient solution for growing microgreens, seedlings, and small crops like leafy greens. Using the flood and drain technique, this proven method of hydroponics ensures optimal nutrient absorption and water distribution for your plants. With a total capacity of 1600 seedling plants, you’ll have ample space to cultivate a thriving garden.

What’s included in the hydroponic rack system? You’ll receive everything you need to get started, including LED grow lighting, flood basins, a nutrient reservoir, a water pump, programmable timing relays, as well as all the trays and liners necessary for your growing operation. Setting up this system is a breeze. Just add nutrients and seeds, and you’re ready to witness your plants flourish. The LED grow lighting provides the perfect spectrum of light for optimal plant growth, ensuring that your plants receive the energy they need to thrive.

Soil System

If you prefer a soil-based approach to growing, our soil-based system is the perfect fit. Similar in design to the hydroponic setup, this system offers simplicity and convenience. It comes with 16 10X20 grow trays, 8- 50 watt lights, racking, and a timing relay. With this system, you can easily seed your grow trays, place them on the racking, and watch your plants grow beautifully.

Number of Shelves

2, 4

Grow Media

Hydroponic, Soil