72 plant port- Indoor Garden Kit

72 Plant Port- Indoor Garden Kit


The 72 plant port- indoor garden kit is an ideal choice for offices or home owners looking to reduce the cost of food.  This all-in-one package is easy to use and requires little maintenance beyond planting and harvesting your fresh greens.

The kit includes the following:

  • Hydroponic growing wall that holds up to 72 plants
  • LED lighting system
  • Starter plant nursery
  • All of the initial supplies to begin growing

Benefits of Having Your Own Indoor Garden: The 72 Plant Port- Indoor Garden Kit

Save Money and Eat Better: Growing your own food indoors provides reliable quality and production all year round.

Fresh Taste with Less Waste: Harvest fresh herbs and greens daily.

Easy to Use: The simple design is easy to use and maintain.  After the initial learning curve, growers can typically expect about 1-2 hours of work per week for maintenance.

Sustainability: Grow your own produce locally using less water and farmland than conventional methods while also reducing transportation emissions.


Typical Uses: Homes, Restaurants, Schools, Offices

Crop Selection: Romaine, loose leaf and buttercrunch lettuces, arugula, soft herbs such as basil, parsley, cilantro, mint, cherry tomatoes, small peppers and so much more.

Production: Leafy greens such as lettuces and herbs grow quickly and will produce a full sized crop from each plant port approximately every 28-30 days.  We recommend that growers stagger the planting of the plant ports to ensure continuous production on a weekly basis.  Growers of leafy greens and non-fruiting crops should expect to harvest from roughly 18 plant ports per week.

Yield: Product weights vary from crop to crop, however, testing consistently shows a range of 60-100g of herbs or 120-300g leafy greens per plant port per harvest.

What Is Included

Harvest Today Hydroponic Growing Wall

  • Holds up to 72 plants
  • Self contained, 5 gallon nutrient reservoir
  • Easy to clean and maintain food grade plastic
  • Internal pump and irrigation system
  • Mobile App to control watering schedule
  • Free standing and portable unit mounted on casters
  • Dimensions (including lighting cart): 32″ L x 70″ H x 24″ D
  • 10 year warranty on plastic

LED Lighting System

  • Qty 1: LED light cart with supports for 7 LED grow lights
  • Qty 7: 24″ long, 24 watt, 6500K LED grow lights
  • Qty 1: Light time
  • Free standing, plug and play design
  • Unit Dimensions: 72″ H x 24″ W x 20″ D
  • Input voltage 120-208 VAC
  • Input Power: 168 Watts per cart

Starter Plant Nursery

  • Qty 1: 10 x 20 solid gardening tray
  • Qty 1: 24″ long 24 watt, 6500K LED grow light
  • Qty 1: Tray liner
  • Qty 1: 10 x 20 Dome

Initial Supplies