Hydroponic Bucket System- 8 Bucket

Hydroponic Bucket System- 8 Bucket


  • 8PCS PP Buckets: Our DWC hydroponic bucket system is equipped with 8 buckets made of high-quality PP material for long-lasting use. Each plant bucket features a 5″ basket and can hold up to 5 gallons, large enough to help you grow multiple plants at a time.
  • Powerful Air Pump & Air Stone: Air Pump Voltage: AC120V 60HZ. Air Pump Power: 10W. Air Flow: 25 L/min. The air pump and air stone used for the deep water culture provide plenty of oxygen to each bucket via air hoses, helping to build a healthy root system faster.
  • User-friendly Design: The recirculating deep water culture system is water-saving, labor-saving, and high-yielding. It features tight seals to ensure no leaks and inline check valves to avoid reverse flow. Besides, there is a water level device on the side of the bucket to allow you to observe the water condition at any time.
  • Complete Hydroponic System: The DWC bucket system is easy to use with complete accessories, including 8 planting buckets, 12 m air hose, 1 set of connectors, 8 water level devices, 8 check valves, 8 air stones, 1 air pump, clay pebbles, and 1 instruction manual.
  • Wide Application: You can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits with our DWC system. It is suitable for the grow tent, greenhouse, garden, balcony, office, home, and other indoor or outdoor places without soil.

Experience the Future of Home Gardening with Our Hydroponic Bucket Garden Kits!

Unlock the secrets of bountiful and efficient home gardening with our advanced Hydroponic Bucket system kits. Perfect for enthusiasts of all levels, these four kits offer a seamless and enjoyable way to cultivate your own garden oasis. Immerse yourself in the world of hydroponics and witness the incredible benefits of deep water culture systems.

Benefits of Growing in a Deep Water Culture System:

  1. Accelerated Growth: Deep water culture hydroponics provide plants with direct access to nutrient-rich water, promoting faster growth rates compared to traditional soil methods.
  2. Water Efficiency: The recirculating system in our Hydroponic Bucket Gardens uses water more efficiently than soil-based gardening, reducing water waste and consumption.
  3. Greater Oxygenation: Submerged roots benefit from increased oxygen levels, enhancing nutrient absorption and contributing to healthier, more robust plants.
  4. Year-Round Gardening: Enjoy the flexibility of cultivating your favorite plants regardless of the season. Hydroponics allows for year-round gardening, providing a constant supply of fresh produce.

Hydroponic Bucket System Kit Options:

  1. Base Kit:
    • 8- 5 gallon buckets
    • Water level tube
    • In-line check valve
    • Expanded clay pellets
    • 8 lids
    • Air hose, stone, and pump
  2. Standard Kit:
  3. Advanced Kit:
  4. Premium Kit:
    • Everything in the Advanced Kit
    • Plant nursery for raising seeds into healthy seedlings

Benefits of Growing at Home:

  • Controlled Environment: Hydroponics allows you to control crucial factors like temperature, humidity, and light, creating the optimal environment for plant growth.
  • Space Efficiency: Our compact and versatile Hydroponic Bucket System kits are perfect for urban dwellers, enabling you to maximize your gardening potential in limited spaces.
  • Sustainable and Organic: Reduce your environmental impact by conserving water and eliminating the need for pesticides. Grow your produce organically and sustainably, right from your home.

Embark on a journey of self-sufficiency and enjoy the rewards of home gardening with our Hydroponic Bucket System kits. Elevate your gardening experience today, and let the future of cultivation unfold in the comfort of your own home. Order your preferred kit now and witness the transformation of your living space into a flourishing green haven!

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