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FCE 8000 LED Grow Light


The APP-Controlled FC-E8000 with new snap-in type design, a member of the Mars Hydro smart grow system, supports mobile control and growth plan programming. Densely mounted with BridgeLux chips, resulting in an average PPFD of 1,400umol/m²/s. Coupled with full spectrum light that is enhanced in red and blue, FC-E8000 helps increase the yield to 2.5g/watt, making it suitable for large commercial cultivation.

  • Wattage: 800w
  • Personal Cultivation Coverage: 5×5 ft
  • Commercial Cultivation Coverage: 4×4 ft
  • App enabled control 
  • PPFD of 1,400umol/m²/s

Step into the future of indoor gardening with the FCE 8000 LED Grow Light, a powerhouse of innovation designed to revolutionize your growing experience. Nurture your plants with precision, energy efficiency, and quality, as you transform any space into a flourishing indoor garden, regardless of the season.

Key Features:

  1. Spectrum for Optimal Plant Development: The FCE 8000 stands at the forefront of plant growth technology, boasting an expertly crafted spectrum that emulates natural sunlight. From seed germination to flowering, provide your plants with the perfect light conditions for robust and thriving growth.
  2. Energy-Efficient Brilliance Redefined: Say goodbye to energy waste with the FCE-8000. This LED marvel maximizes light output while minimizing energy consumption, ensuring you enjoy significant savings on your electricity bills without compromising the health and vigor of your plants.
  3. Complete Light Customization: Tailor the lighting environment to your plants’ unique needs with the FCE-8000’s customizable features. Adjust light intensity and spectrum according to growth stages, giving your plants the personalized attention they deserve.
  4. Effortless Setup and Maintenance: The FCE 8000 redefines user-friendly with its easy installation and maintenance. Built to last, this LED grow light ensures durability, while its intuitive interface simplifies operation – perfect for novices and seasoned growers alike.

Benefits of FCE-8000 LED Grow Light:

  • Year-Round Indoor Gardening Excellence: Break free from the constraints of seasons and revel in the joy of gardening throughout the year.
  • Maximized Harvests: Watch your plants thrive under the FCE-8000’s superior light distribution, maximizing yields and promoting overall plant health.
  • Economic Brilliance:  Long-term savings on your energy bills, thanks to the FCE-8000’s energy-efficient LED technology.
  • Tailored Growth Conditions: Provide your plants with the precise light they need at every growth stage, ensuring optimal development and flowering.

Transform your indoor space into a realm of horticultural splendor with the FCE-8000 LED Grow Light – where affordability meets unparalleled quality. Secure yours today!

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 116.2 × 115.1 × 8.7 cm

BridgeLux 3928pcs




2.8μmol/j & 2231umol/S

App Controlled





Up to 5 years