Created and manufactured by Just Vertical, a Canadian company sharing the same goals as NuLeaf in making sustainably grown food accessible to everyone, the AEVA is an all-in-one indoor hydroponic garden that combines healthy food with modern furniture design.   Ideal for growing dozens of varieties of herbs and leafy greens, the AEVA is a perfect solution for people looking to grow a year-round supply of pesticide-free food from the comfort of their own home.

  • Plant Capacity: 16 Plants
  • Water Requirements: Add water and nutrients every 2 weeks
  • Electrical Requirements: Standard 12 volt
  • Power Consumption: 75 Watts/hour (when lights are turned on) 
  • Cost In Electricity: Approx. $4.00/month CAD
  • Power Cable Length: 4′ (1.22m)
  • Type of Lights: Full-spectrum white LED grow lights
  • Materials: Solid wood frame, chrome legs, and plastic liner
  • Crop Types: Mix and match your favourite herbs and leafy greens


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Get farm-fresh tasting food from your own home! This modern, low-maintenance hydroponic garden is designed to fit any lifestyle. The sleek and minimalist design combined with easy-to-use controls makes the AEVA a tidy and beautiful system to rely on to grow your own food.

Being indoor farmers ourselves, the NuLeaf team knows the importance of buying equipment that is easy to maintain regardless of the size of your farm. The AEVA is made of a solid wood frame with a floor-level cabinet and an easy-to-clean plastic liner that surrounds the plant growing area.  Inside the cabinet, you will find a nutrient water reservoir, lighting controls, plumbing and ample space to store all of your plant growing accessories. The Aeva is simple to use and requires very little upkeep, which makes it a great solution for people who want the benefits of an indoor farm but without all the work.

Despite the AEVA’s slim design, this hydroponic garden is ideal for home gardeners looking to grow larger leafy crops such as kales, lettuces, spinaches and basils which are often limited by other home growing systems.  Grow up to 10 lbs. per month of your favourite salads and greens with the AEVA home hydroponic garden.

What's Included

Hydroponic Garden 

  • 1x Grow Unit with 16 planter pods
  • 1x Cabinet
  • 1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir
  • 1x Power bar with GFCI attachment 
  • 1x Submersible Pump 
  • 2x LED grow lights with timers
  • 1x Set of wall anchors  

Starter Kit

  • 16 Seed Pods
  • 1x Seedling Kit for 24 Plants
  • 1x 60ml bottle of part A nutrients 
  • 1x 60ml bottle of part B nutrients

The AEVA User Manual

Save Growing Time!

Choose from a variety of 4”-6” starter plant bundles

Everything You Need

From nutrients to seed plugs, we have you covered!

Weight32 kg
Dimensions91.5 × 20 × 177 cm

Depth 8.25" (21 cm), Height 57" (145 cm), Width 18.5" (46 cm)


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