Start With The Highest Quality Herbs
Our herbs are grown in a controlled environment, free of contaminants and disease
Add Heat and Steam
Freshly harvested herbs are loaded in the steam chamber of our still. Water is brought to a boil and the distillation process begins
Extracting plant oils and compounds
Steam releases and lifts the essence of the plant along with the rising steam
Collected and bottled
Steam is cooled back into a liquid where the 100% pure hydrosol is bottled without any additives

What Are Hydrosols

Hydrosols are water-based products made from the distillation of our fresh herbs. They’re produced the same way as essential oils, through steam distillation, and share many of the same properties. The difference between essential oil and hydrosol is that hydrosols are mostly water. This means they’re much less concentrated than essential oils. They also have a softer, more subtle scent and additional compounds from the plants not found in the oils.

  • Essential oil: the oil-soluble parts of the plant                       
  • Hydrosol: the water-soluble parts of the plant (this liquid also contains microscopic drops of essential oil)

Using Hydrosols

Sometimes referred to as floral waters, hydrosols are increasing in popularity for use in all-natural beauty and cosmetic products. Gentler than essential oils, hydrosols can be applied directly to your skin without needing to dilute them with a carrier oil. Hydrosols may be used in a variety of products, including:

  • Perfumes, skin toners and makeup                   
  • Aromatherapy
  • Lotions, soaps and shampoo’s 
  • They can even flavor drinks and other foods
Natural source of aromas for soaps, lotions and creams and other personal health products
Rich source of anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties
Highest Quality Herbs
Herbs are grown indoors with precise control on the environment and nutrients. Producing more oils and compounds in every herb
Zero Contaminants
Herbs are grown indoors, away from pesticides and allergens.
100% Pure Hydrosol
Pure hydrosols that are steam distilled with no additional preservatives or additives. Just nature in a bottle
Canadian Made
Our herbs and hydrosols are grown, distilled and bottled inside our factory located in Calgary, Alberta

When Quality Matters

When consistent quality natural ingredients matter, think NuLeaf Farms. Manufacturers of hydrosols and essential oils either grow or source their herbs from outdoor farms. By growing herbs outdoors, the plants are exposed to contamination from allergens, pests, and diseases. These pressures, combined with changing environmental conditions from one season to the next, make producing consistent product quality almost impossible to attain. At NuLeaf, our herbs are grown inside a controlled environment, where we can replicate the perfect growing conditions year-round. This allows us to produce the highest quality herbs, consistently, without the risk of contamination.

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