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Welcome to NuLeaf Farms, where we’re changing the future of agriculture! We’re a passionate and innovative team dedicated to creating a sustainable and secure food future for generations to come. By working closely with businesses and communities across Canada, we’re proud to deliver indoor farms that change how people access fresh, healthy food all year-round.

Indoor Farms For Food Security Lower Food Costs Water Conservation  Reduced Food Waste Simplifying Supply Chains  Zero Pesticides  Restoring Farm Land Stronger Community 

We offer a wide range of indoor farm solutions tailored for home growers, restaurants, offices, senior living centers, schools, and remote camps. Growing nutritious, low-cost, and environmentally friendly food that nourishes communities, builds resiliency and protects the environment.

Growing Partnerships

At NuLeaf, we growing partnerships with other leading manufacturers to deliver easy to use, affordable and reliable indoor farms for any project.

The NuLeaf Difference

Nuleaf indoor farms inside grow room down the aisle

Inside our state-of-the-art demonstration facility, located in Calgary, Alberta, we’re continuously innovating and advancing new ways to improve food security and sustainability. Showcasing a wide range of indoor growing solutions so that everyone from homeowners to designers to greenhouse operators and developers can see different types of systems while we discuss which methods best suit their project. The knowledge gained by operating these different technologies and discussing the details of projects ensures that we can take our clients from seed to success every time.

Pushing The Limits Indoor Farms

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At the heart of the facility is our own cutting edge technology. A fully automated vertical farm tailored made to grow some of the highest quality herbal extracts in the world. Maintaining precise control over the weather, nutrients and stresses on our plants, we ensure a reliable and consistent product that is free of contaminants and grown using over 90% less water and land than traditional methods. These fresh, pure extracts are then used in a range of personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and lotions. By developing indoor farm solutions beyond food production, we’re able to stretch the limits of indoor growing technologies while creating new and sustainable supply chains.

Fun Facts: Growing 25,000 plants  20 varieties of herbs  95% less water than field crops Less than 2% waste 8000 Liters of water recovered a week No chemicals sprays 

Higher Quality
Plants grown indoors are safe from pests, disease and changing weather. Automated environments ensure every plant raised in the perfect conditions.
Organic Non-GMO Seeds
Grow from organic, non-GMO seeds
Eco Friendly
Crops raised with 90% less water and land than traditional agriculture
Pesticide Free
Eliminate the use of chemical sprays and potential contamination
Grown Year Round
Provide customers with reliable product quality and volumes you can depend on
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Food Security & Indoor Farms

Indoor farms are improving food security around the world by growing crops in controlled environments. This technology allows year-round crop production, regardless of weather conditions, and can significantly reduce transportation costs, conserve natural resources, and increase efficiency. Innovative technologies such as hydroponics and aeroponics used in indoor agriculture can also help the increase sustainability of building developments.

With the world’s population increasing rapidly, indoor agriculture can provide a sustainable solution to meet the growing demand for food. As the technology continues to develop and become more accessible, it may become a crucial component in addressing global food security concerns.

Year-Round Farming

Get predictable crop yields 365 days/year without worrying about the weather or growing seasons.

Grow Locally

Displace crops typically imported from other countries & reduce foreign food dependency.

Distributed Farms

We believe that the key to a sustainable food future is to grow locally to feed locally.

Indoor farms present an innovative and promising approach to food production in communities. By enabling year-round crop cultivation irrespective of climate or weather conditions, it provides access to fresh and nutritious produce locally, reducing the need for long-distance transportation and associated carbon emissions. Additionally, indoor farming minimizes water consumption and eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly agricultural practices. Furthermore, it can create opportunities for local employment and education, as well as foster a sense of community and food security. Overall, indoor farming technology offers a compelling solution for sustainable and accessible food production that can benefit communities on several levels.

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