Growing Tomorrow's Future, Today!

Indoor Farms For Food Security Water Conservation  Reduced Food Waste Simplifying Supply Chains  Zero Pesticides  Restoring Farm Land Stronger Community 

At NuLeaf, we’re building indoor farms for a sustainable and secure food future. From our 10,000 Sq. Ft. indoor farm facility in Calgary, Alberta, we help everyone from home gardeners, and builders to entrepreneurs grow healthy, safe, reliable food all year round. 

The NuLeaf Difference

We don’t just sell equipment, at NuLeaf, we’re growers ourselves. Having designed, built, and now operating our indoor farms tailored to grow some of the best herbs in the world, we have the knowledge and expertise to help ensure that every project is a success.

The Need For Indoor Farms

Indoor Farming

Rethink Agriculture

New solutions needed grow the next generation of farmers

Feeding A Hungry Planet

The world needs to grow 70% more food by 2050 than it does today to feed our population
Indoor Farms

Grow More With Less

Technology enabled growing uses a fraction of the resources

Unsustainable Path

Our Agriculture industry consumes 70% of the world's fresh water each day and occupies almost 50% of all habitable land
Higher Quality
Plants grown indoors are safe from pests, disease and changing weather. Automated environments ensure every plant raised in the perfect conditions.
Organic Non-GMO Seeds
Grow from organic, non-GMO seeds
Eco Friendly
Crops raised with 90% less water and land than traditional agriculture
Pesticide Free
Eliminate the use of chemical sprays and potential contamination
Grown Year Round
Provide customers with reliable product quality and volumes you can depend on

Our Indoor Farms


When people think of indoor farms, they often think about growing perishable foods. While this is the most popular application for indoor farms, it is not the only way to impact food security through these technologies.

The personal care industry has thousands of personal care products such as soaps, shampoos, and lotions that use natural plant extracts as ingredients. This demand leads to millions of acres of farmland dedicated to making us smell and feel great. By growing these types of crops indoors, we can leave these farmlands alone to regenerate or grow more foods not suitable for indoor growing.

Fun Facts: Growing 25,000 plants  20 varieties of herbs  95% less water than field crops Less than 2% waste 8000 Liters of water recovered a week No chemicals sprays 

Data Driven Farming

After years of development, the team at NuLeaf designed and built our indoor farm. One tailored to grow natural plant flavors and fragrance extracts for the food and cosmetic industry.

Our state-of-the-art automation system collects and analyzes hundreds of data points to provide precise control over the environment, nutrients, and stress conditions. Changes in these conditions allow us to influence the flavor and aromas of the plant material.

Once mature, our plants are hand-harvested, and therapeutic properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatories, stimulants, flavors and aromas are extracted from the plants. These sustainable ingredients are sold to manufacturers of eco-friendly products or used in our natural skincare and kitchen products.

Improved Food Security

At NuLeaf, we don’t just grow some of the best herbs, we also use our knowledge of vertical farms and automation to create rugged, efficient and reliable hardware and software solutions for the next generation of indoor farmers. By increasing the productivity of plants while using the fewest amount of resources, we help to widen the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be grown inside our communities. As technology advances, so too does our ability to provide year-round food security and local employment opportunities through a network of farms distributed across our cities.

Year-Round Farming

Get predictable crop yields 365 days/year without worrying about the weather or growing seasons.

Grow Locally

Displace crops typically imported from other countries & reduce foreign food dependency.

Distributed Farms

We believe that the key to a sustainable food future is to grow locally to feed locally.

At NuLeaf, we believe in combining plant science, with automation to bring the farm indoors, away from the risk of pests, disease, and climate change. Through our approach, we’re growing plants while using 90% less water, land, and transportation while creating a fraction of the food waste and eliminating the use of pesticides.

From our vertical farm facility in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a range of culinary and medicinal herb infusions and extracts for the food service and cosmetic industries.

Along our journey to becoming a leading-edge vertical farm developer,
we’ve gained decades of experience designing, building, and operating a range of indoor farm solutions. From DIY and pre-built home gardens to industrial-scale vertical farms, we share our learnings to help more people grow their food at home. By increasing food security and reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment, NuLeaf Farms is helping to grow tomorrow’s future, today.

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