Growing Tomorrow's Future, Today!

We’re on a mission to grow the finest herbal ingredients in the world.
By merging plant science with technology, we’ve brought the farm indoors. Designed to maximize flavor and therapeutic compounds, our vertical farm uses a fraction of the land and water as traditional agriculture while producing safe, reliable, fresh herbal extracts year-round.

Highest Quality
Our herbs are grown indoors, safe from pests, disease and changing weather. Our automated environment ensures every plant raised in the perfect conditions. Maximizing plant compounds to make better natural ingredients
Organic Non-GMO Seeds
Our herbs are grown from orgnaic, non-GMO seeds
Eco Friendly
Grown with 90% less water and land than traditional agriculture
Pesticide Free
Grown inside a contained grow room away from the risks of allergens, pesticides and other contaminants
Grown Year Round
Our plants are hand harvested daily. Providing our customers with reliable product quality and volumes you can depend on

Read how we have engineered our “Made In Alberta” vertical farm solution to take on the challenges of agricultural sustainability.

Data Driven Farming

Our vertical farm was built with precision growing in mind.  An automated network of instruments and sensors provide information and control over every aspect of our operations.  We collect, analyze and control all aspect contributing to plant vitality such as environmental conditions and nutrient consumption. Special attention is paid to to micro-nutrients and the growing conditions to facilitate creation of oils and water-based plant compounds.  This attention to detail allows us to use less natural resources to grow herbs rich in flavour and medicinal properties. 

Plant Science

Improved Food Security

At NuLeaf, we don’t just grow some of the best herbs, we also use our knowledge of vertical farms and automation to create rugged, efficient and reliable hardware and software solutions for the next generation of indoor farmers. By increasing the productivity of plants while using the fewest amount of resources, we help to widen the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be grown inside our communities. As technology advances, so too does our ability to provide year-round food security and local employment opportunities through a network of farms distributed across our cities.

Year-Round Farming

Get predictable crop yields 365 days/year without worrying about the weather or growing seasons.

Grow Locally

Displace crops typically imported from other countries & reduce foreign food dependency.

Distributed Farms

We believe that the key to a sustainable food future is to grow locally to feed locally.

At NuLeaf, we believe in combining plant science, with automation to bring the farm indoors, away from the risk of pests, disease, and climate change. Through our approach, we’re growing plants while using 90% less water, land, and transportation while creating a fraction of the food waste and eliminating the use of pesticides.

From our vertical farm facility in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a range of culinary and medicinal herb infusions and extracts for the food service and cosmetic industries.

Along our journey to becoming a leading-edge vertical farm developer,
we’ve gained decades of experience designing, building, and operating a range of indoor farm solutions. From DIY and pre-built home gardens to industrial-scale vertical farms, we share our learnings to help more people grow their food at home. By increasing food security and reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment, NuLeaf Farms is helping to grow tomorrow’s future, today.

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