Growing Tomorrows Future, Today

Building stronger communities through hydroponic indoor farms.  Growing sustainable, local food 365 days a year.  

Combining plant science with technology to solve some of the world's greatest challenges

Indoor Farming

Read how we have engineered our “Made In Alberta” hydroponic indoor vertical farming solution to take on the challenges of food security and sustainability.

Improve Food Security

Year-Round Farming

Get predictable crop yields 365 days/year without worrying about the weather or growing seasons.

Grow Locally

Displace crops typically imported from other countries & reduce foreign food dependency.

Distributed Farms

We believe that the key to a sustainable food future is growing locally to eat locally.

Sustainable Fresh Produce

At NuLeaf, we believe in combining plant science, with automation to bring the farm indoors, away from the risk of pests, disease, and climate change. Through our approach, we’re growing healthier food while using 99% less water, land, and transportation while creating a fraction of the food waste and eliminating the use of pesticides.

From our vertical farm facility in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a range of all-in-one hydroponic indoor farms to help growers of any size. So if you’re looking to grow your produce from home, or an organization needing to reduce your environmental impact while simplifying your supply chain, NuLeaf Farms has a solution for you to help create a sustainable food future.

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