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Sustainable Farming & Rethinking Agriculture

NuLeaf Farms is a family-owned business on a mission to build a sustainable and secure food future. Combining plant science with technology, we deliver sustainable farming solutions to grow year-round in almost any location while using a fraction of the natural resources as traditional agriculture.

From our 10,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Calgary, Alberta, we’re working to grow the next generation of farmers. Providing equipment, supplies, and know-how to raise safe, reliable food in our homes and communities.

Being designers and operators of sustainable farming ourselves, we stand behind every product we promote. We encourage anyone considering indoor farming to reach out and arrange a time to visit us on the farm. Here you can see different types of hydroponic growing methods and applications. With solutions ranging from starting your first countertop hydroponic garden to state-of-the-art automated systems growing flavors and fragrances and everything in between.

COMPANY HISTORY- Growing Sustainable Farming Solutions

The Seeds Are Planted
Team NuLeaf

Concerned about the state of our food systems, three partners set out on a mission. To reduce the environmental impact of agriculture while strengthening communities through the year round production of fresh, sustainable, locally grown food.  

First Roots Taking Hold
Sustainable Farming

Like many entrepreneurs, NuLeaf Farms grew its first roots in a garage. In 2016 we began prototyping different hardware and software solutions to grow perishable crops such as herbs and lettuces indoors. Along with our own technology, we began working with other systems in the market gaining a wide range of experience and operational knowledge. 

Sprouting Up
Sustainable farming 2

Fast forward to 2019 and we had completed the engineering of our commercial-scale indoor farm. Creating a hardware and software solution that specialized in growing various culinary and medicinal herbs. With our design complete, we  secured our first commercial lease. A roughly 10,000 Square foot warehouse located in an industrial park in South East Calgary.

Starting Up While The World Shut Down
Sustainable Farming 3

With a lease signed and equipment on order and arriving from around the world, we started construction of our farm in January 2020. After a few short weeks of preliminary fabrication, the Covid 19 pandemic would shut down much of the global economy. The closures left us without a workforce and major disruptions with receiving our equipment. Despite these challenges, the founders decided to move forward with our project. For the remainder of 2020, the team of three worked day in and day out building a one of a kind automated indoor farming facility.

Ready To Launch
Sustainable Farming Solutions

In early 2021 the team finished constructing our factory. Complete with a water treatment plant, operator room, plant nurseries, and packaging areas. At the heart of our operation was a fully contained grow room environment equipment with a highly sophisticated automation system to deliver precise control over all aspects of our plant's health.

Growing Up
Hydroponic Nutrients grow room

In 2022 we focused our farm on growing therapeutic flavor and fragrance compounds from various herbs. We began growing partnerships with formulators and manufacturers of natural products who share our values of marking great products while helping the environment. Our sustainable, ethically sourced extracts are then used in various skin care products such as soaps, shampoos, and lotions.


Our sophomore year also saw several partnerships with other indoor farm equipment providers blossom. Allowing NuLeaf to provide safe and reliable hydroponic farms for almost any home or commercial application. Helping us to create more localized farmers growing fresh, healthy food inside our communities.

Growing a Sustainable and Secure Future

With our sustainable  farming solutions growing herbal extracts for personal skin care products and a range of hydroponic farms to grow food in any location, we're excited to work with every person or organization interested in growing tomorrow's future today.

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