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Starter Plant Bundle

Save weeks of growing time with our hydroponic starter plants. Choose from a variety of plant types available at our farm.

Sage 4 scaled 574x499

Hydroponic Sage

Save up to 8 weeks of growing time with our hydroponic sage.

Greek Oregano

Hydroponic Greek Oregano Starter Plants

Save up to 8 weeks of growing time with our Hydroponic Greek Oregano Starter Plants.

Hydroponic Rosemary Starter Plants

This herb has a strong smell and taste, and it is also packed with antioxidants, volatile oils and other protective phytochemical compounds. Rosemary’s taste is described as warm and somewhat bitter.

Sweet basil starter plant 574x499

Sweet Basil Starter Plants

Locally grown year-round inside our vertical farm. This glossy, deep green leaves with the authentic Genoese taste and aroma are 3″ long beautifully cupped.

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Hydroponic Thai Basil Starter Plants

Save over 7 weeks of growing time from waiting for your seeds to mature with NuLeaf’s Thai basil starter plants.

Thyme starter plant 574x499

Hydroponic Thyme Starter Plants

Pesticide free and sustainably grown inside our vertical farm, summer Thyme is spicier and bolder tasting than the common German Winter variety.