Indoor Gardening Workshop in Calgary: Learn How to Grow Food Indoors!

In a world where you can learn how to do anything online through the power of YouTube videos, there’s something so valuable about in-person workshops. At NuLeaf, we’re passionate about all things indoor farming and sustainability, and by taking our Introduction to Hydroponics Workshop, you can experience it firsthand. 

Whether you’re just starting in the world of hydroponics or an experienced cultivator looking to expand your knowledge, our workshops are designed to guide you through this innovative and sustainable gardening method.

Learning About Indoor Gardening

We believe in creating a community. Our workshops offer a supportive space where growers of all levels can connect, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences. 

Our ‘Introduction to Hydroponics’ workshop is a crowd favourite. Here, we delve into the basics of hydroponic gardening, empowering you to build your mini hydroponic system. This hands-on approach ensures that you learn the theory and apply it practically, setting the foundation for your hydroponic journey.

Expert-Led Learning

Our workshops are led by industry pros who bring years of practical experience to each interaction. They cover essential topics like system design, nutrient management, lighting techniques, pest control, and much more. You’re set to gain a comprehensive understanding of hydroponics with engaging presentations and interactive demonstrations.

We’re always at the cutting edge, experimenting with new equipment and strategies. This is your chance to learn about the latest hydroponic farming from those actively shaping the field. Our instructors are passionate about sharing their deep knowledge and eager to discuss new techniques to enhance your hydroponic endeavours.

The NuLeaf Introduction to Hydroponics Workshop

Priced at $99.99 per person, this workshop is an all-in-one package for anyone curious about sustainable agriculture and soilless plant cultivation. Our experienced instructors will guide you through various hydroponic methods, care and maintenance techniques, and more. Plus, you can take home a mason jar counter garden and a starter plant from our indoor farm.

Private Workshop Opportunities

Are you looking for a unique team-building event or a private party idea? NuLeaf offers private workshops tailored to your group’s needs. With options available during regular working hours and on weekends, these sessions provide a personalized and engaging experience for groups ranging from 6 to 12 participants.

Book Your Workshop Today

Whether you’re looking to green your thumb in hydroponics or searching for a unique group activity, NuLeaf’s workshops offer an enriching and enjoyable experience. With our SE Calgary location with plenty of parking, join us to embark on your hydroponic journey and be a part of a growing community dedicated to sustainable agriculture. We can’t wait to see you at our next workshop!