Turnkey Vertical Farming Solution


At NuLeaf Farms, sustainability is our business.

Through innovation and technology we create turnkey automated indoor farm solutions to deliver safe, reliable and sustainably grown food, year-round. By combining plant science with automation we're creating a network of indoor farms across communities by converting existing warehouse space into highly efficient, sustainable sources of fresh food and local jobs.

Utilizing the expertise of our Province’s two keystone industries, energy and agriculture, our “Made In Alberta” solution provides measurable and scalable impacts to both food security and ESG sustainability goals. 

The Future of Fresh Produce

Growing M.A.S.S.

NuLeaf offers a unique and proven approach to controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Applying our M.A.S.S. philosophy to indoor farming, we ensure our farms maximize food production while minimize the demand for natural resources.

What is the M.A.S.S. approach?  When developing our farms, the NuLeaf team continuously asks ourselves how do we;

Grow More- By using a closed-loop hydroponic design with vertical grow towers, our farms can produce acres worth of food in only a few thousand square feet of warehouse space.

Grow Anywhere- Create artificial environments tailored to maximize plant health and nutrition.

Grow Sustainable- Net-Zero agriculture solutions to conserve water, land and air while reducing food waste.

Grow Smart- State-of-the-art automation provides real-time insights into facility operations, driving efficiency and profitability.

The NuLeaf Farms platform provides a robust, modular approach to indoor farming facilities that is easy to scale.  Each grow room operates an independent climate and nutrient delivery schedule suited for its specific crop type. This enables our system to precisely optimize growing conditions for maximum crop yield. And we can grow a variety of crops by connecting multiple rooms within one facility.


Ready to Build

Benefits of a NuLeaf Indoor Farm

Our advanced indoor vertical farming system was engineered with efficiency in mind and designed to maximize scalability and crop yields.

Food Security

  • Year-round crop production
  • Displacement of imported crops
  • Consistent and predictable harvests

Local Job Creation

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Technology and Plant Sciences
  • Agriculture and Horticulture

Sustainable Urban Ag

  • Low water use
  • Limited GHG emissions
  • Energy-efficient growing cycles

Distributed Agriculture, Centralized Control

NuLeaf’s distributed farm network streams live data from each grow room back to our central headquarters. The remote model provides our local farming technicians with additional real-time support from engineers and plant scientists.

This all translates to more system uptime, larger yields, and wider crop selection.

More importantly, NuLeaf’s indoor farming solution provides peace-of-mind. So you can rest assured that your consistent, high-quality food supply is kept safe and secure at all times.

Distributed Agriculture, Centralized Control

New, Local Employment Opportunities

Operating these cutting-edge facilities requires a new type of farmer. NuLeaf is working to help create new employment opportunities and train the next generation of farmers to work inside our urban and remote communities.

NuLeaf technicians need to be familiar with using the latest in industrial technology while tending to plant health. Our farmers require a  wide range of skill sets including the operation of modern automation and mechanical systems, food safety, facility maintenance and pest management.   The knowledge of our factory trained operators ensure smooth operations while maintaining facility uptime and delivering consistent quality in every ounce of food grown.

Looking for Strategic Partners

Shovel-Ready Projects

NuLeaf’s indoor farming system is designed to meet municipal specifications. In fact, our commercial demonstration unit operates within a standard warehouse bay located in a Calgary industrial park.

Having built the unit ourselves, we understand its constructability and have a developed supply chain that is ready to be called upon.

Growing Tomorrows Future....

Our indoor farming infrastructure integrates with existing urban food distribution network. This allows grocery stores and wholesale distributors to provide customers with unparalleled freshness without worrying about production or supply chain uncertainties.

Together with our partners, we can profitably grow and package fresh herbs and flavour for our communities to enjoy.

Contact NuLeaf Farms today to learn more about our leading indoor herb farm technology.

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