Sustainable Indoor Vertical Farming

NuLeaf Farms is an indoor farming technology company on a mission: to make healthy, locally-grown foods accessible to all local Canadian communities 365 days a year.

Passionate about technology and automation, we saw an opportunity to apply modern approaches from other sectors to the vertical farming industry. Four years after starting NuLeaf, we’ve built an indoor vertical farming system like no other.

Company History

In 2016, the decline in Canada’s agriculture industry combined with the need for Alberta to diversify into other sustainable business sectors outside of oil and gas brought three individuals together to form NuLeaf Farms.

Combining their 50+ years of experience in conventional farming, heavy mechanical and industrial automation, NuLeaf’s founders developed a modern platform for controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

NuLeaf’s system is engineered to solve the vertical farming industry’s two biggest challenges: scalability and production yields. Of course, food safety and quality must also be held to the highest standards.

Our team spent over four years in research and development. We built several prototypes along the way, eventually developing a solution that uses the latest in automation, process control, and LED lighting. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved. We believe it will improve food security by changing the way local communities access fresh herbs and greens for generations to come. 

Team Bios

Team NuLeaf
NuLeaf Farms founders Paul Wright (left), Ryan Wright (middle), and Dan Clayholt
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