Sustainable Agriculture

The need for a sustainable agriculture system is becoming more important with each passing day. Modern agriculture has been one of the largest achievements in improving the quality of life for billions of people across the world. Fertile lands have long served as the foundations to build cultures and civilizations on. Providing crops used for food, textiles, medicines, and livestock production.

Over time, advancements in technology and our knowledge of plant science have given us the ability to change entire landscapes to feed our ever-expanding population. The insatiable hunger for agriculture now consumes over 65% of all freshwater and 50% of the habitable land used on earth. Synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers have drastically increased crop yields, protecting more people from famine, but this has cost us our soils, waterways, and health.

Over recent years, our agriculture supply chains have grown frail. An aging workforce leaves the industry with labor shortages, rising input costs, and government regulations continue to add pressure resulting in more farms failing with each passing day. In addition to these challenges, shifts in the climate have resulted in record droughts, fires, floods, pests, and disease outbreaks in major agricultural hubs leading to widespread food security issues across the globe.

Growing Tomorrows Future...

Fortunately, entrepreneurs and investors have taken notice of the failed government policies, complex supply chains, and centralized crop production strategies. This shift in mindset has planted the seeds of the next farming revolution. Combining digital technologies and plant science, the next generation of farmers are creating the path for sustainable agriculture. From precision drones to regenerative farming, advancements in fertilizers, and indoor farming, innovations are as diverse as the industry itself in creating new ways to grow with fewer resources. At NuLeaf, we are not just growing great herbs, we are proud to be pushing the envelope in creating new approaches and technologies to help grow tomorrow’s future, today.

At NuLeaf, we believe sustainable agriculture should...

Imagine eating food grown using sustainable agriculture methods. Delivered from plant-to-plate in only a few hours using as little water, land, and energy as possible. Crops grown from carefully selected seeds without the use of pesticides in a precisely controlled environment. It is possible with NuLeaf’s advanced indoor vertical farming technology. We engineered a system around the principles of plant science and controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Mother Nature at Her Best

What is Plant Science?

The success of any plant is based on its growing conditions. Plant science is the process of understanding how to control those conditions to maximize growth and nutrition.

With outdoor crops, yields can be inconsistent and some years are better than others. Natural conditions like sunlight, soil nutrients, available moisture, and air quality are always changing.

NuLeaf’s enclosed hydroponic grow rooms control these conditions with precision.

Plant Science

Our system also monitors and analyzes the data in real-time. Each room’s controlled growing environment is specifically optimized for its crop.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

The NuLeaf indoor farming system takes a modularized approach to CEA. We segregate the controlled environments within a remotely-operated indoor farming network. This allows our distributed farming system to efficiently grow a wide range of high-yield crops at various locations.

The results include greater production volumes of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Our indoor farming system also reduces costs and GHG emissions compared to traditional models that require flying and/or trucking produce in from other regions.

Crop Selection

A Wide Range of Great-Tasting Produce

NuLeaf’s indoor farming system can grow a wide variety of crops, including: 

The system can also grow an assortment of culinary herbs.

Fresh Herbs Calgary- Sweet Basil


  • Sweet/Genovese
  • Thai
  • Opal
  • Lemon
  • Holy


  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Specialties such as apple and chocolate mint


  • Italian
  • Green Forest
Italian Parsley


  • Cilantro
  • Greek Oregano
  • Sage
  • Thyme

It All Starts With A Premium Seed

Seedling Process

All crops grown within a NuLeaf indoor farm begin with carefully selected premium seeds. Germination takes place outside of the controlled growing environments using a dedicated system.

To ensure plant success, our trained operators transplant the seedlings into the growing environments once the plants reach the appropriate size to warrant viable plant health and growth within the environment.

NuLeaf Farms Seedlings

Growing Tomorrows Future...

Our indoor farming infrastructure integrates with existing urban food distribution network. This allows grocery stores and wholesale distributors to provide customers with unparalleled freshness without worrying about production or supply chain uncertainties.

Together with our partners, we can profitably grow and package fresh herbs and flavour for our communities to enjoy.

Contact NuLeaf Farms today to learn more about our leading indoor herb farm technology.

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