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10 X 20 growing tray

10 X 20 Gardening Trays

One essential tool that every indoor gardener should consider is the 10×20 gardening tray. These versatile trays provide a myriad of benefits for your indoor growing needs, whether you’re growing herbs, vegetables, or ornamental plants.

4' x 2' flood basin

4' X 2' Flood Basin

4′ X 2′ Flood Basins are designed specifically for flood and drain systems. This versatile tray is an essential tool for both beginners and seasoned growers, providing a reliable platform for nurturing your plants in a controlled and efficient environment.


Digital Scale

A compact scale perfect for quickly and accurately weighing nutrients to ensure proper dosing.


EC/pH Meter

Monitor the conductivity, pH, and temperature of your hydroponic nutrient solutions

Seedling tray

Seedling Tray

Use with grow plugs to raiseĀ  up to 100 plants in a single 10 X 20 tray