Valentines Day Gift Basket


Our valentine’s day gift basket is the perfect idea for anybody that loves supporting local and smelling fresh.

  • Choose from two herb inspired scents
  • Add a little aromatherapy to your morning routine
  • Natural moisturizing skin care
  • Boost your mood
  • All products make in Alberta
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1 bar of  peppermint infused carbon captured soap 1 120mL bottle of peppermint natural skin toner 1 bamboo soap dish 1 Himalayan Detox bath soak 2 Lavender Bath Bombs 2 Bath Soaks

Rosemary Rejuvenation

1 bar of rosemary infused carbon capture soap 1 120 mL bottle of rosemary hair spray 1 bamboo soap dish 1 bath bomb 3 shower bombs (sage & sandalwood/ lavender/ lemon & Cedarwood
Type of Basket

EnviroMint, Rosemary Rejuvenation


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