Soap and Freshener


Looking for eco-friendly, all natural products to use on your skin and around the house? Be sure to use our plant-based soap and freshener solutions!  Great gift for people looking to help save the environment and smell great doing so.

  • Includes one 130g EnViro Mint bar soap
  • One 130g Rosemary and Activated Charcoal bar soap
  • 120mL bottle of freshly made lemon balm hydrosol (no additives or preservatives)
  • Use Hydrosol as room freshener or skin toner (high in anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Soaps are made from CO2 recovered from the air and made into natural soap
  • All herbal ingredients are made with 99% less water and 95% less land
  • No pesticides/chemical sprays
  • Products proudly made in Calgary Alberta



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