• Sage Hydrosol Ingredients- Sage (Salvia officinalis) and distilled water
  • Great for skin toner (Anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral properties)
  • Uplifting and energizing
  • Simply spray solution onto irritated area and run into skin twice daily
  • 120mL of hydrosol inside a glass bottle with spray top
  • Made from fresh sage and steam distilled right after hand harvesting
  • Zero additives and preservatives
  • Herbs grown indoors, free of contaminants and disease, pesticides and chemicals
  • Grown with non GMO, organic seeds
  • Made In Calgary, Alberta
  • Contact us for wholesale inquiries

About Sage Hydrosol


What is a hydrosol?

Hydrosols are aromatic waters produced when fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, or other plant materials go through the steam distillation process. While their properties and aromas are similar to their essential oil equivalents, they are much softer and gentler, making them safe to use without additional dilution for people of all ages.

Sage hydrosol is made from the plant with the botanical Salvia, and possesses an aroma consistent with the fresh herb.  Pleasant and herbaceous, sage hydrosol is energizing and uplifting.  With its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial qualities, this hydrosol helps to eliminate skin issues while gently reducing inflammation and wrinkles.  

You can use sage hydrosol as a single ingredient or combine with other rich hydrosol such as peppermint or a citrus scent like lemon balm. Use in a water based diffuser for aromatherapy benefits. 

Using Sage Hydrosol

Sage hydrosol, also known as sage flower water, is a byproduct of the steam distillation of sage leaves. It is a versatile product that can be used in skin care as a toner, facial mist, or as a component in homemade skin care products.

One of the main benefits of using sage hydrosol in skin care is its astringent properties. Astringents help to tighten and tone the skin, which can help to reduce the appearance of large pores and improve the overall texture of the skin. Sage hydrosol also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe and calm irritated skin. It may also have antibacterial properties, which can help to protect the skin from breakouts caused by bacteria.

In addition to its skin care benefits, sage hydrosol has a refreshing and uplifting aroma, which makes it a popular choice for use in facial mists and toners. It can be used as a standalone product or combined with other ingredients to create homemade skin care products. For example, it can be mixed with aloe vera gel to create a soothing facial mist or added to a facial scrub to enhance its exfoliating properties.

When using sage hydrosol in skin care, it is important to dilute it properly. It should be mixed with an equal amount of water or a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or almond oil, before being applied to the skin. It is also important to patch test any new skin care product before using it extensively, as some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients.

Reduces Wrinkles- Your skin loses its elasticity when an enzyme called elastase breaks down proteins and results in wrinkles being formed. With strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents, these floral waters help to soothe, cleanse and tighten skin.

Tones Skin- Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, lemon balm hydrosol is used to soothe the skin as a cooling agent while its anti-bacterial and hydrating compounds make an excellent toner. Lemon balm hydrosol tightens and refines pores which will help regulate the number of impurities the skin takes in.

Reduces Breakouts- Sage hydrosol benefits provide an anti-inflammatory action that may prove useful for alleviating redness and swelling associated with acne outbreaks. It has a wonderful soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral component which makes it fantastic for irregular breakouts.

Astringent- Helps in shrinking skin pores and further absorbs excess oil from the skin, thus helping to even out the skin’s complexion. It not only shrinks the skin pores but also removes the dirt and further controls oil secretion making it look healthier.

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions20 × 7 × 7 cm

120 mL, 1 Liter, 10 Liters


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