Parsley- 4″ Pot


Giant of Italy is the perfect culinary variety of parsley.   With large, dark greens leaves packed full of flavour these herbs are a must have for fresh food enthusiasts.  Strong, upright stems make Giant of Italy one of the best parsley varieties to grow indoors or outside.

  • Fresh and Flavorful Italian Parsley
  • Strong, fresh taste
  • Multiple harvests
  • Planted in 4″ pots
  • Pesticide Free
  • Proud product of Calgary, Alberta

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Parsley- 4″ Pot Grown in Calgary, AB


Maturity:  75 days

Height: 12 Inches (30 cm) 

Spacing: 8-12 Inches (20-30 cm) 

Light: Full Sun (Great performance under full spectrum LED grow lights) 

Media Type: Soil- All NuLeaf starter plants are grown using flexiplugs in our hydroponic systems.  Once healthy roots are established, the growing plugs are transplanted into soil.

Soil Requirements: Grows well in moist, fertile soil.

Watering: Keep moist at all time 

Fertilizing: Balanced fertilizer blend ideal for vegetative growth.

Nutrients: Nitrogen= High, Phosphorus = Moderate, Potassium = Moderate, Calcium= Moderate, Magnesium= Moderate


Treat yourself to the freshest, highest-quality produce in Calgary!

Grow Media

Potted In Soil, Hydroponic Plug

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