Peppermint Hydrosol


  • Ingredients- Peppermint (Mentha piperita) and distilled water
  • Pure and natural linen and air fresher
  • Great for soothing sunburns, skin irritations or as a natural insect repellent
  • Anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants
  • Available from 120mL glass bottle to 60 Liter barrels
  • Made from hand harvested fresh peppermint
  •  Steam distilled from copper still without zero additives and preservatives
  • Herbs grown indoors, free of contaminants, disease, pesticides and chemicals
  • Grown from non GMO, organic seeds
  • Made In Calgary, Alberta
  • Contact us to reserve dedicated production runs
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Uses For Peppermint Hydrosol

Made from the plant with the botanical Mentha piperita, peppermint is best known for its revitalizing and refreshing scent.  It can be used liberally on the body to help protect your skin from dirt, bugs and sunlight or used around the home as an air and linen freshener. 

Astringent-Control oily skin and tighten large pores by using peppermint hydrosol as a facial toner.

Air Freshener-With a cool, minty scent makes it a good air freshener to neutralize and freshen musty spaces.

Cleaning Agent-This refreshing distillate can also be used to wipe surfaces, dirty mirrors, glass doors and tables. Simple spray it on the surface then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Natural Insect Repellent– This product is full of terpenes that have insect-repelling qualities. Thus, if you are planning to work in the garden or heading for a walk through the garden, put a bit of peppermint hydrosol on your skin to keep yourself cool and insects away.

Cooling properties-Peppermint is cooling in nature and can be used as a facial mist during summer. You can also spritz it on sunburn to cool and soothe it.

Anti-inflammatory-Inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can be relieved using peppermint hydrosol.

Antibacterial- Strong antibacterial properties which fight off germs.

Best known for its use as a revitalizing and refreshing body spray, peppermint hydrosol is well rounded and strikingly robust. It can be used liberally on the body as a general cooler or toner and is a wonderful base for DIY aroma sprays for the body and room.

An exceptional and uplifting botanical water, peppermint hydrosol is much gentler than its essential oil and may be used directly on your skin. Blend with rosemary hydrosol for a mentally stimulating herbal mist, or add essential oils such as basil, juniper, or sage for a unique aroma spray. 

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Dimensions20 × 7 × 7 cm

120 mL, 1 Liter, 10 Liters, 60 Liters


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