Martha Tomatoes- 6″ Terra Cotta


Make the most out of Calgary’s challenging Tomato growing season with our strong and healthy tomato seedlings.  The globe-shaped pink fruit is sweet and full of flavour.

  • Great tasting Pink Heirloom tomato
  • Highly productive throughout the season
  • Adaptable tomato strain grows in a range of conditions
  • Indeterminate Type
  • Aggressive grower.  Be sure to support vines throughout the season
  • Single plant 8-14″ tall
  • Planted in 6″ terra-cotta pot
  • Pesticide-free
  • Provide with full sunlight
  • Grown Year Round
  • Proud Product of Calgary, Alberta

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The Cherry Bomb Tomato Plant is perfect for the organic grower who needs high yields, classic taste and strong late blight protection. Vigorous plants produce high yields of uniform, vivid red fruits with ideal cherry size (15-20 gm.) for harvest and snacking. Classic cherry tomato flavor — firm, sweet, and well-balanced. Unique calyx makes an attractive display when left attached to fruit. High resistance to late blight,


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