Live Sage


Live sage has a warm, distinct flavor that can be used year round in game meat, sausage and soups.  Thanksgiving stuffing is never the same without this classic herb.

  • Robust and flavorful with fuzzy leaf and intense aroma
  • Popular for poultry, soups and teas
  • Plants 6″-8″ tall
  • Grown in 4″ pots
  • Organic soil and seed
  • Try infused in oil or butter
  • Pesticide-free/ non-GMO
  • Quick Growing and provides multiple harvests
  • Best paired with rosemary, thyme or Greek oregano

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Live Sage Grown in Calgary, AB

Live Sage Plant

Live sage is an underrated herb that can be used in a variety of dishes. It has a slightly earthy flavor that pairs well with other savory ingredients. 

What does Sage Taste Like? Sage is a woody herb with a strong aroma and peppery taste. Its bold flavor can make foods bitter if you use too much. When cooking with sage, a little goes a long way! Its savory flavor pairs well with meats like pork and roasts. However, sage is best known as the common ingredient in stuffing.

How do I use sage in cooking? Simply harvest some live sage from your plant and pluck the leaves off the stem. While you can cook with whole leaves, to get the most flavor out of this herb finely chop the leaves into small pieces first

Caring For Your Live Sage Plant

Days To Maturity:  75-80 days

Height: 16-30 Inches (40-76 cm) 

Light: Full sun for at least 6 hours a day.

Media Type: We use organic soil in our pots

Soil Requirements: A quality potting mix with good drainage is key to getting the most out of your sage. 

Watering: Keep moist, water every 2-3 days

Fertilizing: Sage is not a heavy feeder and too much fertilizer can result in weaker flavour 

Harvesting Your Live Sage Plant

Harvesting Sage

Step 1: For best growth, don’t harvest your sage until the plant has at least 4 sets of leaves. 

Step 2: A sage plant has  central stem with sets of leaves growing from each side.  With a sharp pair of cutters/scissors, count up at least two sets of leaves from the bottom of the plant.

Step 3: Located a set of small leaves growing above the two sets of full leaves and cut the main stem roughly 1/4″ above them.

Step 4: Take your cuttings away from the plant and use as a fresh ingredient to your meal. Place the plant in direct sunlight and it will be ready to cut again in a few weeks time. 

Grow Media

Potted In Soil, Hydroponic Plug

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