Live Rosemary


The strong scent and woodsy flavor of freshly cut live rosemary complements meat dishes including chicken, fish, lamb and pork. You can also use it to season potatoes or carrots, and to add flavor to a soup. Preparing the fresh herb properly depends on the type of dish and whether you want the whole herb or just the flavor.

  • Fresh and unique taste
  • One of the most popular culinary herbs
  • Best used with meats such as beef, chicken and pork
  • Be careful not to over water
  • Grown with organic soil and seed
  • Pesticide-free/non GMO
  • Slow Growing but can provides multiple harvests
  • Great plant for potting outdoors during the summer
  • Pairs well with Greek Oregano and Thyme

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Live Rosemary Grown Year Round in Calgary, AB

Rosemary Hydrosol

The potent, woody scent of rosemary is instantly recognizable by chefs and home cooks around the world. There is no flavor quite like cuttings from a live rosemary plant. This woodsy aromatic herb has notes of evergreen, citrus, lavender, pine, sage, pepper, mint, and sage. Unlike more fragile herbs, this sturdy ingredient holds up extremely well to heat and long cooking times. The longer rosemary is cooked in liquid, the stronger the flavor becomes. Rosemary is a very potent herb so remember that a little goes a long way when cooking.

Rosemary is easy to care for and requires lots of sun and heat with minimal watering. A high-quality soil with good drainage is the key to success when growing rosemary.

Caring For Your Live Rosemary Plant

Day to Maturity:  120-180 days

Height: 24-60 Inches (20-150 cm) 

Spacing: 8-24 Inches (20-60 cm) 

Light: Full Sun for at least 6 hours a day.  Good performance under full spectrum LED grow lights

Media Type: High quality, organic soil.

Soil Requirements: Grows best in light, well drained soil.

Watering: Keep moist to dry at and be careful not to overwater.

Fertilizing: Balanced fertilizer blend ideal


Harvesting Your Live Rosemary Plant

Trimming Rosemary

Step 1: For the best growth, don’t harvest your live rosemary until the plant is at least 6″ tall.  Since Rosemary is a woody shrub like plant, you will need a sharp set of gardening shears to cleanly cut through the tough stems. 

Step 2: Pick the rosemary sprig that you want to eat and cut a main stem towards the base of the plant.  You may notice that on your rosemary plant that the stems are woody towards the base of the plant and as you move towards the tips the stem turns soft and flexible.  This soft material is where the majority of the oils are stored in the plant so be sure to use these parts of the plant.

Step 3: Strip the leaves away from the stems of the cut rosemary and enjoy using in your kitchen.  Place the cut plant back in a sunny location and it will be ready to cut again in a few weeks time. 

Pot Type

4"Pot, 6" Pot, 6" Ceramic Pot

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