Live Peppermint


Live Peppermint is a cool, refreshing burst of flavour that makes this a very versatile herb.  Its bright, clean taste is perfect for everything from savry dishes and desserts to aromatic teas and cocktails.

  • Great to use in water, teas and cocktails
  • Aggressive grower.  If planting in outside garden, we recommend keeping roots inside pots.
  • Single plant 6″-8″ tall
  • Planted in 4″ plastic pot
  • Pesticide-free/ Non-GMO
  • Quick Growing and provides multiple harvests
  • Tolerant to lower temperatures than many other herbs
  • Combine with lemon balm to make natural insect repellents
  • Pairs well with Cilantro and Thai Basil

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Live Peppermint Grown Year Round in Calgary, AB

Mint Close Up

Live Peppermint is one of the most versatile herbs.  It can be used in a range of teas, cocktails, salads or desserts.  When paired with lemon balm in a planter it can make for a potent natural insect repellent.

As with most mints, peppermint has an aggressive root system that if left unchecked, can quickly take over your garden.  So if you are going to plant mint in your garden, be sure to keep the root system contained in a pot so you can manage the plants spread. 

Caring For Your Live Peppermint Plant

Days To Maturity:  40-70 days

Height: 18-36 Inches (45-90 cm) 

Spacing: 12-36 Inches (30-90 cm) 

Light: Sun/Part Shade (Great performance under full spectrum LED grow lights) 

Media Type: Organic Soil

Watering: Keep moist at all time.  Water every few days 

Fertilizing: Balanced fertilizer blend ideal for vegetative growth.

Harvesting Your Live Peppermint Plant

Cutting Mint

Step 1: When you go to trim your mint plant, consider what size you want your plant to be. Shape the mint in a way that grew in the circumference of your pot rather than spilling out of the pot.

Step 2: With the help of scissors, cut around one-third of the length at the tip of every stem. Mint is a quick-growing herb, so don’t be frightened of the pruning, your plant will grow again.  In the event that stems are growing out from the pot, simply cut these sprigs off at the base of the plant.

Step 3: Remove the cut sprigs away from the plant and enjoy using in your kitchen.  Place the cut plant back in a sunny location and it will be ready to cut again in a few weeks time. 

Grow Media

Potted In Soil, Hydroponic Plug

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