Live Basil


Our live basil pots are full of sweet, savory, peppery flavor, and always tasting like a blissful summer day. You’ll find it pairs well with tomatoes and is the perfect complement to many Italian dishes.

  • Fresh and flavorful
  • Popular for pesto’s, pasta and pizza lovers
  • Plants 6″-8″ tall
  • Grown in Organic Soil
  • Pesticide-free/ Non-GMO
  • Quick grower and provides multiple harvests
  • Keep away from cold windows or drafts.
  • Best grown indoors
  • Best paired with Greek Oregano and Italian Parsley

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Live Basils Grown in Calgary, AB

Sweet basil is the first crop that sowed the seeds for our business. We have been perfecting our basil for over 7 years learning how to get the taste of summer from our plant’s rich colorful oils. Grown indoors, all year round, our basil is raised using a fraction of the land and water as most other systems. Pesticide-free and grown in organic soil and seed, our live basil pots are a must-have in any herb lover’s kitchen.

Caring For Your Live Basil Pot

Days To Maturity:  60 to 90 days- Harvest early, harvest often

Height: 12-20 Inches (30-50 cm)

Temperature: Basil needs warm/hot weather to thrive.  If you want to keep you basil plant alive, avoid exposing to cool temperatures, particularly at night.  If grown indoors, keep away from cold, drafty areas.

Spacing: 4-6 Inches (10-15 cm)

Light: Full Sun for at least 6 hours a day. Great performance under full spectrum LED grow lights

Media Type: Organic Soil, Products available in coco-coir pots

Soil Requirements: Moderately rich and moist soil. Basil is a quick growing, thirsty herb so routinely water for best results.

Watering: Keep moist at all time.  Typically every 2-3 days

Fertilizing: Balanced fertilizer blend with good drainage .

Nutrients: Nitrogen= High, Phosphorus = Moderate, Potassium = Moderate, Calcium= High, Magnesium= High

Harvesting Your Live Basil Plant

Harvesting Basil

Step 1: For the best growth, don’t harvest your live basil until the plant is at least 6″ tall with 5-6 leaves. 

Step 2: A basil plant is made up of one tall, central stem with sets of leaves growing out from each side.  Be gentle when handling you plant as basil can bruise easily. 

Step 3: Once you have located the main stem, count up at least 2 sets of leaves from the bottom of the basil plant.  Using a sharp pair of cutters/scissors make a cut the main step roughly 1/4″ above the last set of leaves you wish to leave on the plant. 

Step 4: Strip the leaves away from the stems of the cut basil and enjoy using in your kitchen.  Place the cut plant back in a sunny location and it will be ready to cut again in a few weeks time. This time, the plant will grow twice as many heads as last time!

Pot Size

4", 6", 6" Ceramic

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