Lemon Balm- 4″ Pot


Save 8-10 weeks of growing time with NuLeaf Lemon Balm plant.  Glossy, deep green leaves with the authentic Genoese taste and aroma are 3″ long beautifully cupped.  A semi-compact plant with medium length internodes.

  • Fresh and flavorful sweet Lemon Balm
  • Great for use in drinks, or cooking fish
  • Strong unmistakable Lemon scent
  • Single plant 4″-8″ tall
  • Great for using outdoors as mosquito repellent
  • Planted in 4″ plastic pot
  • Pesticide-free
  • Quick Growing and provides multiple harvests
  • Keep away from cold windows or drafts.
  • Proud Product of Calgary, Alberta

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Lemon Balm- 4″ Pot Grown in Calgary, AB


Maturity:  70 days

Height: 18-26 Inches (40-70 cm) 

Spacing: 4-8 Inches (10-15 cm) 

Light: Full Sun (Great performance under full spectrum LED grow lights) 

Media Type: Soil- All NuLeaf starter plants are grown using flexiplugs in our hydroponic systems.  One happy and healthy roots are established the plus are transplanted into soil.

Soil Requirements: Moderately rich and moist soil. Bail is not drought tolerant and can be easily damaged by heat stress.  Routine watering throughout the growing season will yield the best results. 

Watering: Keep moist at all time 

Fertilizing: Balanced fertilizer blend ideal for vegetative growth.

Nutrients: Nitrogen= High, Phosphorus = Moderate, Potassium = Moderate, Calcium= High, Magnesium= High

Harvest: Individual leaves may be picked as soon as the plants have become established. Cut entire stalks before the plants begin to bloom, being careful not to bruise the foliage. In the first year, two cuttings are possible. Leaves are best used fresh, as they turn brown and lose much of their scent when dried.

Treat yourself to the freshest, highest-quality produce in Calgary!

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