Introduction To Hydroponics


Join us for our 1.5-hour-long Introduction To Hydroponics workshop. Held regularly by our team of expert indoor farmers, this course will provide new growers with an understanding of the basic principles applied to any hydroponic system.

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Introduction To Hydroponics- Beginners Class

What’s Included In The Course?

Our introduction to hydroponics course starts with a tour of NuLeaf’ s hydroponic indoor farm- See firsthand how we combined plant science and technology to grow the finest quality herbs with the least amount of resources possible. During this tour we will discuss;

  • What’s involved with hydroponic growing
  • The benefits of hydroponics
  • What types of crops are suitable for indoor hydroponics
  • Different types of hydroponic methods
  • What are hydroponic nutrients and how do they work

After a tour and chat, we will then start the hands-on part of our workshop where our instructor will help you set up your very own hydroponic mason jar kit to take home and raise your plant at home. The kit includes;

Once the workshop is complete and your mason jar garden is packaged to go home, our guests will have an opportunity to ask our instructors additional questions about growing food indoors or shop for various other products in our lobby. The typical course size is between 5 and 10 people.  Specials group rates and event sizes can be arranged for private events.  

Why Is Hydroponic Farming Important?

Better For You

Pesticide Free- With proper growing techniques there is no need for any chemical sprays to fight pests or disease 

Fresh Taste- Farm fresh flavor all year-round 

Save Money- Growing your own food at home often results in costs of better quality food for a fraction of the cost. 

Better For The Environment

Use 90% less water                         Eliminate Transportation 

Reducing Food Waste                      Year-Round Food Security


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