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The Eve hydroponic indoor garden is a made in Canada solution to growing your food all year round. This all-in-one package includes everything you need to grow food from the comfort of your living room regardless of your gardening experience. Combining modern furniture design with plant science, the Eve is easy to use and ideal for growing a wide variety of herbs and leafy greens. The Eve comes with LED grow lights, nutrients, seeds, and everything else you need to start growing at home. NuLeaf also grows a wide range of plants that can simply plug into the EVE all year round from our vertical farm.

  • Plant Capacity: 12 Plants
  • Water Requirements: Add water and nutrients every 2 weeks
  • Electrical Requirements: Standard 120 Volt 3 prong electrical outlet
  • Power Consumption: 50 Watts/hour (with lights turned on)
  • Cost In Electricity: Under $3.00/month
  • Power Cable Length: 4′ (1.22m)
  • Type of Lights: Full-spectrum white LED grow lights
  • Material: Solid wood frame, chrome legs, plastic liner
  • Crop Type:  Herbs and small leafy greens


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The Eve hydroponic indoor garden is a great way to enjoy farm-fresh food from your own home all year round. With its small footprint, low-maintenance design this hydroponic indoor garden easily fits into any lifestyle. Arriving at your doorstep pre-assembled, the EVE comes with everything you need to be a successful gardener. The EVE system includes seeds, starter plugs, LED grow lights, a water reservoir, nutrients, and even a nursery to get your plants started.

  • Everything You Want Gardening To Be: Add water once every two weeks so you can vacation in peace
  • Real wood coupled with luxury furniture design. Built to fit into any living space without distracting from your immaculate interior decorating
  • Get growing in 4 easy steps: plug in your unit, place the seed pods into your garden, fill your water reservoir, watch it grow! No green thumb required
  • Less than 5 minutes of maintenance work per week makes gardening a sweat-free activity
  • Grow food you can’t get at the grocery store (Wasabi Arugula anyone?)

The Eve comes with a two-year parts warranty and is built only using the highest quality materials. As part of our commitment to sustainability, the Eve is manufactured using recycled plastics.

Start Growing Hydroponic Food Today!

Want to start growing happy and established plants the same day you bring your Eve home? Be sure to check out NuLeaf’s start plant bundles where you can choose from a range of plants currently growing inside our vertical farm. Simply take these hydroponic plants home and plug them into your indoor garden once you have completed the setup and you’ll be growing your food the same day you bring your garden home.

At NuLeaf, we’re here beyond your initial purchase. Our team of master growers is always available to help from simple questions on how to use a hydroponic indoor garden to providing learning about the importance of growing your food at home.

Everything You Need To Grow An Indoor Garden At Home

Weight29 kg
Dimensions52 × 12 × 22 cm


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