Classic Sage


  • Classic Sage
  • Earthy, rustic tastes with hints of mint and citrus.
  • 28 grams/ 1 Oz
  • Ideal for adding farm fresh flavours to meats, teas, vegetables
  • Works well in heavier dishes with other rich, flavorful ingredients
  • Product of Calgary, Alberta
  • Pesticide free
  • Sustainably grown using a fraction of the water, land and fertilizers
  • Harvested and delivered same day to our customers
  • Good source of vitamin K, zinc, copper, magnesium
  • High in antioxidants
  • Hydroponically-grown year-round indoors
  • Available for local pick-up and delivery (select location on checkout)

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Fresh sage is a versatile herb used with a wide variety of meals and drinks. This herb is ideal for seasoning with meats such as poultry or sausage. It is often infused in butter or added with root vegetables like sweet potatoes or parsnips. Sage steeped in hot water and mixed with honey makes a unique tasting tea with a bold taste. Like most herbs, sage is incredibly aromatic, so much so that you can often smell it before you even start cooking with it.

A part of the mint family, and native to the Mediterranean this herb is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. Eating fresh sage is a great way to add bold flavors to your favorite dishes while improving health.

Our fresh herbs are sustainably grown year-round in our pesticide-free, vertical farm. Here we combine plant science with automation to grow crops and minimize the impact on the environment. We strive to deliver the best in freshness to our customers by harvesting and delivering our products on the same day.


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