Hydroponic Home Gardens

Save Money with Hydroponic Home Gardens

The AEVA can grow up to 10 lbs of produce per month!

If you were to focus entirely on dark green vegetables, that translates to 120 lbs. of food per year.

While eating trends may have changed, the AEVA or Eve can
supplement and/or replace a substantial amount of your food intake

Easy to use, like a coffee machine

Fast and Easy Indoor Gardens Your Whole Family will Love!

The Just Vertical home hydroponic gardens are the premier solution for the modern home indoor garden.

  • Sleek Modern Design

    A minimalist approach to maximize growth

  • Narrow Footprint

    A modern and eco-conscious design that is an easy addition into your existing décor and proudly made in Canada.

  • Tidy Tank

    Unique, low maintenance, simple, and easy to use hydroponic tank and pump system.

Aeva Tank in Lobby
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