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Home Of The Produce Payback Promise

We believe that for food to be accessible; it has to be affordable. We also know that a well-crafted, safe and reliable hydroponic farm requires investment that needs to pay for itself.  That’s why we are proud to offer the Produce Payback Promise with the purchase of any farm. 

Included with the purchase of any hydroponic farm are enough seeds, plugs and nutrients to grow the same value as the system purchase price. 

Save Money With Your Own Hydroponic Farms

With the price of fresh produce climbing with passing month the investment into a home growing systems is making more sense for people. With so many home hydroponic systems on the market, it can be confusing to understand which design and production volume makes sense for you. That’s why at NuLeaf we test a variety of crops in a wide range of solutions.  Testing the growth performance and relating it to things that really matter such as how much money you can save growing your own food vs buying lesser quality products at the grocery store.

Home Grown Solutions

Proudly Canadian

At NuLeaf, we’re proud to be growing partnerships with other Canadian innovators and manufacturers. Creating a sustainable and secure food future through our companies shared commitment of building safe, reliable hydroponic farm solutions. 

With decades of indoor growing experience and expert advice, we have a Canadian made solution to ensure every customers project is a success. 


The Future Of Food Is Local & Year Round

Easy to use and reliable, we offer a range of hydroponic farms to suit any grower.

The Just Vertical hydroponic farms are the premier solution for the modern home.  Grow a range of leafy greens, herbs, small pepper plants and even dwarf tomatoes using this simple, yet effective design. 

  • Sleek Modern Design

    A minimalist approach to maximize growth

  • Narrow Footprint

    A modern and eco-conscious design that is an easy addition into your existing décor and proudly made in Canada.

  • Tidy Tank

    Unique, low maintenance, simple, and easy to use hydroponic tank and pump system.

Aeva Tank in Lobby
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