Herbal Extracts

When Quality Matters

Our medicinal and culinary herbs are grown with quality as our top priority.  Grown indoors from non-GMO, organic seeds, our plants are raised under the perfect growing conditions without the use of pesticides or sprays.  Once matured, our herbs are hand harvested and the plant compounds are extracted without the use of preservatives, additives.  Leaving 100% pure extracts, just as natured intended. 

Herbal Hydrosols

Sustainably Grown Herb Extracts

At NuLeaf, we believe vertical farms have an important role in creating a sustainable food future. By building farms inside our communities, we reduce our dependency on complex and inefficient supply chains. Growing indoors, away from risks of pests, disease, and mother nature, we can reduce our food waste by growing highly perishable herbs locally, at our extraction facility all year round.

Growing inside an environment designed to create the perfect conditions for happy, healthy plants, we use precise nutrient delivery technology to produce better higher quality plant compounds. Our automation systems allow us to use a fraction of the water and land typically used in traditional agriculture while eliminating the use of pesticides.

As a developer and operator of vertical farm technology, we are committed to creating net-zero solutions for agriculture to reduce its environmental impacts. Growing stronger communities through year-round sustainable urban agriculture.

NuLeaf Keys to Sustainable net-zero Agriculture

Retailers and Cosmetic Manufacturers

Do you run a health and wellness, apothecary cosmetic business?  Are you looking for natural products or ingredients to deliver the best quality products to your customers while reducing your impact on the environment  We would love to hear from you!

NuLeaf offers wholesale accounts to retailers and manufactures across the country  Interested?  Email us at sales@nuleaffarms.ca to learn more. 

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