Growing Our Herbs

Grown Indoors
Free of chemicals, allergens, pest and disease. Everyday is a perfect summer day for our herbs!
Culinary & Medicinal Herbs
Over 20 varieties to choose from. Available freshly cut, potted or as extracts.
Hydroponically Grown
Precise control of the environment and nutrients let's us grow more with less resources
Combining plant science with technology to create the next generation of farmers

Why We Grow Herbs

Herbs have a wide range of benefits ranging from adding flavor to food, aromas to cosmetics, to uses in health and wellness products due to their various medicinal properties.  Most herbs are imported from abroad and in poor condition by the time they reach store shelves. The traditional supply chain results in vast amounts of waste of herbs in addition to the resources used to grow and bring them to market.  At NuLeaf, our indoor farm grows safe, reliable, high-quality culinary and medicinal herbs year-round, while using a fraction of the natural resources. 

How We Grow

It all starts in a warehouse in Southeast Calgary, here we converted into a year-round flavor factory. Inside we’ve combined plant science with automation to create the perfect environment for growing healthy, oily herbs. By controlling all the aspects that affect a plant’s growth, such as lighting, watering, and nutrient levels, we give our plants exactly what they want, when they need it. This level of precision means our herbs are packed full of nutrition and taste while being sustainably grown using only a fraction of the natural resources.

Hydroponic Nutrients Sweet Basil

It Starts With The Seed

We only use the highest quality seed when selecting what we grow inside our farm. Organic, non-GMO seeds are assigned a tracking number when prepared for germination. This tracking number follows the seed as it moves through the growing process. A continuous stream of information from our farm allows us to see everything the plant has been exposed to up to the point where it leaves our farm.

Grow Time!

By growing indoors, we greatly reduce the risk of weather, pests and disease harming our herbs. Our automated indoor farm platform creates the perfect growing environment to get the most flavours and aromas from our herbs. By providing our plants with the environment and nutrients they want, when they want them, our herbs grow 3-5 times faster than other farms. 


For maximum freshness and shelf life, we harvest our herbs on the same day we ship to our customers or just before we extract oils from our plants. Each sprig is inspected and hand-cut by our team of indoor farmers making sure we are growing and selling only the highest quality herbs.

The Result

A sustainable, year-round source of flavourful, fresh culinary and medicinal herbs for your kitchen and home.  Grown in Calgary, Alberta, our herb products are ready to ship to grocery stores, garden centers, apothecaries, and health product manufacturers across Western Canada.  

To learn more about how we use our fresh herbs to create all natural air and linen fresheners, natural bug repellents and all natural ingredients for soaps, shampoos, and lotions click here.

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