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Do You Run a Kitchen or Restaurant in Calgary?

Sustainably Grown Food

At NuLeaf we believe vertical farms have an important role to play in creating a sustainable food future. By building vertical farms inside our communities, we can locally grow perishable crops year-round to provide better food security as well as drastically reduce food waste.

Growing indoors with highly precise technology, farmers can grow better tasting, more nutritious food while using a fraction of the water and land typically used in traditional agriculture.

As a developer of vertical farm technology, we are committed to simplifying supply chains while creating net-zero solutions to reduce environmental impacts. 

NuLeaf Keys to Sustainable net-zero Agriculture


Do you run a kitchen or restaurant in Calgary?  Are you looking for fresh ingredients to deliver the best flavor to your signature dishes while reducing your food waste?  We would love to hear from you!

NuLeaf offers wholesale accounts to local restaurants with same-day harvest and free delivery within city limits.  Interested?  Email us at sales@nuleaffarms.ca to learn more. 

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